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dot & dab

When dry lining masonry this is commonly referred to as ‘dot and dab’.





  • what is dry lining?

    Dot & Dab: Plasterboard can be attached by three methods, either mechanically (with screws), chemically with dry wall adhesive or by using dry wall fixing foam. Fixing using dry wall adhesive is known as dot & dab or the direct bond method. Dry wall has several advantages over screws as it can be bonded directly to bare bricks which gives considerable speed advantages, also the fact that if a wall is bonded with plasterboard, there is little "making good" afterwards as there are no screw holes.

    The adhesive is applied to the wall using a trowel and hawk as trowel size dabs standing off the wall in a uniform pattern. Having carried out all the checks, measurements etc appertaining to fitting plasterboard to a stud wall the plasterboard is then offered onto the evenly spaced dabs and tamped back using a straight edge and level. The plasterboard is then checked for level and square both vertically and horizontally before progressing across the wall. It is simply a matter of bonding the boards to the wall, taping the joints with scrim and then filling the joints. Board finish can then be painted on the boards and that is it!

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