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over boarding

If your ceilings are cracked, or covered in flakey old paint or stubborn wall paper that refuses to come off, overboarding the ceiling can quickly prepare the ceiling for a fresh skim of plaster.



  • overboarding existing ceiling

    A great solution if your ceiling is not too badly damaged and has many imperfections i.e. an old Lathe and Plaster Ceiling a ceiling with an unstable background i.e. flaking paint, powdery surfaces or a ceiling that has many glue deposits i.e with the removal of Polystyrene Tiles or ceiling paper.

    The simple solution is we just overboard it. This involves fixing a new plasterboard ceiling over the existing ceiling. If ceiling is too badly damaged and beyond repair completely remove the old ceiling and dispose Supply and fit a new plasterboard ceiling to the joists then Plaster the new ceiling.

  • advantages of overboarding

    • Stop cracks from coming back.
    • Save hours of back breaking, laborious steaming, trying to attempt to remove wallpaper that has fused itself to the ceiling.
    • Provide a long lasting stable background for plastering when faces with sporadic areas of flaky paint or artex.
    • Adds an extra layer of sound and heat insulation to the ceiling.

  • J.T Plastering Overboarding services

    At J.T. Plastering we can remove your old ceiling completely and install new plasterboard in preparation for plastering. Alternatively we can overboard directly over your existing ceilings, this method involves less time and mess.

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